Karl Pilkington on Manchester United

Tv presenter and comedian Karl Pilkington who supports Manchester united expresses his thoughts on his beloved team which he has watched from his childhood.

Manager Jose Mourinho  is in 3rd season at United where they finished 6th in the league but managing to win 3 trophies in his first year in the league last season United finised 2nd which was an improvement in the league but no trophies had been lifted in the following season.

Mourinho has been scrutinised by his Style of play as it is seen as too defense Mourinhos casual formations are 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 from which he is satisfied of playing with mostly.

The previous season rivals Manchester City clinched the League title and the League cup whilst Liverpool managed to reach the champions league final this brought anguish to most fans because whilst their rivals were marching to silverwear the Red devils could only sit and watch.

Personally i do understand Pilkingtons view of the performances United make as United have scored 3 goals in 3 games at home this season but have scored more away from home.

” Still, i feel like supporting United is like having a tortoise as a pet. I had a tortoise, and they are not entertaining to watch. You dont watch them, but you know you have got a bit of responsibility to show some interest.”

“That is what i do with United. i keep an eye on them.”

“i dont watch them every game because, at the minute, that is a waste of 90 minutes. i just look at the result and if they win it is a bonus, i have no expectations any more.”

Mourinho has left after his 3rd season with Real Madrid and Chelsea as the clubs both said he is departing through “Mutual consent” does this mean that Mourinhos vision&style of football will navigate himself into time repeating itself at the end of the season?



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