Unai Emery’s faithful disciples?

Result after Result win after win where are they going with this?vibes running high in the emirates for Arsenal

I know jesus had 12 disciples and it takes 11 players to fill up a football pitch but could Emery be one himself as he learns from his players himself helping the Gunners shoot to sucess?

Ever since Arsenal left highbury in 2006 to take a 6 mintue walk and move to the Emirates stadium before you say anything yes it is 6 minutes ive done it before they’ve lifted silverware 6 times in the last 12 years, 3 Fa cups and 3 community shields under Arsene Wenger who left in the summer .

The 2017/18 season Arsenal finished the league with only one win away from home at Huddersfield also known as Arsene Wengers last managerial game for the Gunners.

Arsenal fans werent pleased at all i know i wouldnt,imagine winning one game away from home and then you end up finishing 6th whilst your rivals finish in the top four above you, not nice is it?

Lets talk about now as in this Season Arsenal lost their first two against the leagues hardest teams Man city who won the league got over 100 points then you have Chelsea who have one of the best players in the planet on their team seems a bit  reasonable. They went onto win their next 5 games in the league and even better for fans who travel to their away games because they managed to win there aswell. 5 wins out of 7 thats possible to win the League with that momentum they may have played average teams but its an improvement at least, the premier league is the best and most exciting league at times you just dont know whats going to happen i think Emery deserves some credit.

Never wouldve thought i would see Iwobi actually develop and bring an impact into a football game which was positive, buying Sokratis who is a fearless defender and applying tackles and getting stuck in a greek Tony adams and no offence but actually seeing Bellerin defend and not just use his pace as his only attribute.

Emery has put on paper the results the club need but still there are cracks are present from the performances which they display such as Cech being rusty when playing from the back aubameyang playing wide knowing well he is an effective striker and can excute chances provided. Trying to fix these may be important as they could be exploited by other teams to their advantage

Arsenal take their winning run to west London on sunday as they face Fulham.

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