Lebron James Debut for La Lakers

Lebron james

The former Cleveland Cavalier took to stage at the Staples Center for his LA lakers debut against the Denver Nuggets.  Lakers fans came early to see the new edition which is not something that hasnt been done in ages as they wear the players name on his back furthermore they havent done this since Kobe Bryant.

“The turnout was great and the atmosphere was amazing definitely appreciated by all of us in here that they came out to a preseason game like this and we just tried to give them a good show, which we did, all the way down to the last possession.”

Its been years since the LA Lakers won a championship or made the playoffs.  I believe James has the strength and power to bring a good mindset and work ethic to help the team rise again.

The Nuggets beat the Lakers 113-111 and scored 13 points with three assists and three 3 rebounds, two steals and one block and four turnovers as he played just 15 minutues in the first half.

Two more weeks of pre season until the the Lakers start their season again the Trail Blazers and we will see Lebron in full action.



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