Fornite season 6 week 2 Challenges

shadow fortnite pic

We are into season 6 in and this season the game has initiated challenges as of being able to attack with diffrent sorts of weapons and the house on Loot lake literally levitating as the cube has engulfed its self into the core of the bottom of the house and its surrounding itself with a Tornado.

Week 2 challenges involve:


  • Visit all of the corrupted areas(0/7)
  • use a shadow stone in diffrent matches (0/3)
  • stage 1: Deal damage with standard assault rifles to opponents(0/200)-Hard

Battle pass

  • Eliminate an opponent at least 50M away (0/1)
  • Deal damage with pistols to opponents (0/500)
  • SMG eliminations (0/3) – Hard
  • stage 1: Deal damage with hunting rifles to opponents (0/200)

The shadow stones have brought to my attention as off how exciting they are when they were first introduced there were said to have not done thier purpose as a bug was noticed during the game but reintroduced it.

What are shadow stones ?

Shadow stones were introduced in Season 6 and are small black cubes with purple energy flowing around which allows you the oppurtunity to transform into a shadow form which allows you to have supernatrual powers.

shadow stone


  • ability to go completly invisble
  • ability to move faster
  • ability to jump highier
  • you dont take fall damage
  • can be ended early if decided
  • unable to pick up  weapons


  • unable to use weapons
  • unable to build
  • walking around lead a shadow Trail
  • Lasts 45 seconds
  • unable able to keep shadow cube in inventory.

I was enjoying the shadow form until i realised that when i use this it ends up leaving a trace feels a bit pointless to me because you are making yourself vunerable but you are able to make a getaway its like your bleeding blood but you have a  temporary bullet proof vest on.


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