Micheal Carricks depression

micheal Carrick

Former Manchester United, Spurs and West ham united Midfielder Opens up about depression.

Carrick has says how he experienced it with Manchester united in the champions league final as they lost to Barcelona. He blames himself for the first goal United where he gave the ball away which led to Barcelonas opening goal in their 2-0 win.


I beat myself up over that goal,” Carrick told The Times.

“I kept asking myself: ‘Why did I do that? And then it [the depression] snowballed from there. It was a tough year after that. It lingered for a long time.

“I had won the Champions League the year before, but that was totally irrelevant.

“It felt like I was depressed. I was really down. I imagine that is what depression is.

“I describe it as depression because it wasn’t a one-off thing. I felt bad or terrible after some games, but then you get over it in the next couple of days, but that one I just couldn’t shrug off. It was a strange feeling.”

“I kept it to myself most of the time. Even my family didn’t know the full extent of it,” he says.

“It’s not something that’s really spoken about in football. I have not spoken about it before. For the lads that I have played with that are reading this, this will be the first time that they know [about the depression]. They wouldn’t know.”

If you follow football you wouldnt think Micheal Carrick would be gutted over something like that due for years due to the level of performances he has always put in and being a favourite for Alex Ferguson and also his predecessors.

It shows you many people suffer depression as they feel it can affect others even themselves and proffesionals even go through the same thing actor Jim Carrey who is a magnificent actor, Eminem the artisit because everybody has their own story within them which not everybody sees.




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