Croatia V England behind closed

empty stadium

A behind closers doors football match can this international break get any worse?

Bad news for Englands flying out to Croatia or that have already flown out to Croatia for the Nations League fixture as Croatia are holding Uefa sanctions.

The last time England faced Croatia was in the World cup semi-final in Moscow now they face eachother again will there be no spectators  nobody attending the game.

I would hate to be in the shoes of those England fans who have paid for the trip to the airport, for the flight, for food, money for transport, ticket for the match, the journey to the match to be honest i could keep going on who knows how much a VISA will next year since the UK have left the EU.

Why are fans banned?

The Uefa banned homed and away fans as part of Croatias punishment after a swastika was marked on the pitch before a Euro 2016 home qualifier against Italy.

Whats a Swastika? 


A swastika was used by the Nazi party as it symbolized the countrys pride and to anybody that was an an enemy of Nazi germany such as jews and anbody that wasnt an allies with them. It showed antisemitism and terror and it is viewed as a symbol of racial supermacy and intimidation.

I would say due to no supporters being present the atmosphere of the game may be dampened as having supporters brings more to the game and more excitement but who knows maybe there might be a twist into this game.


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