Relief for PSN Users!

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I got tired of this for really on PSN the fact that Sony have finally enabled themselves to do this gives me more freedom and makes me Save money when also having to buy PS plus.

Sony has finally enabled playstation Users to be able to change their PSN IDS. This feature is coming in 2019 which its planned.

Being able to change your IDs means you’ll be able to get rid of the name you chose the first time it came out and also you wont have to add people all over again.

What’s the Catch?


If you want to change your user name it will be possible to do so as many time as possible but only the first change is free but after each swap it will cost you less than £10 to change your username playstation plus members its even cheaper.

So piece of advice unless your willing to pay money to change from time to time fair enough but if your not make sure the last change you make is a good one!


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