International Break sickness


Are you a football fan currently suffering from the trauma of not seeing your play for over 7 days?

This is one of the worst parts of the season for many football fans as we see our favourite players go on international duty to play for their country when instead they should be breaking the hearts of our friends with our beloved football clubs.

Why we get sick of international Break?

Uefa have introduced the Nations league to make things much more interesting as nations who are on the same level play eachother so it makes it more fun. Lets be true to ourselves we really just want to see our club teams play because we enjoy our own club doing better amongst our peers and the enjoyment of club football especially in the premier league the best league in the world where you just never know what it is going to happen.

What to do until Club football comes back?

5 days until Club football is returning and i understand if you are already going mental already but these are a few ideas to keep your mind of it:

  1. Take the Oppurtunity to find more shifts at work, Hate missing club football on the weekends you might aswell fill those positions with shifts since there isnt any in this midweek.
  2. Visit the movies, suggestions below                                                                             Venom:                                                                                                    Incredibles 2:                                                                 Johnny English Strikes again:                                 

3. Read a book

4. Go to the gym

5. Buy the New black ops which came out on the 12th .

Tell me how about how you feel about this international break




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