Thunders Performance without Westbrook

warriors v Thunder.jpg

The  Warriors beat the Thunders at the Oracle Arena last night by 8 points as the Season starts 

Oklahoma City showed a Tough fight against the NBA champions i will give it to them without their main man. On two occasions did they managed to go infront against the Warriors on points and won the 3rd quarter by having the most points.

Everybody knows Steph Currys 3 pointers are dangerous and will make you just think “ahhh” or “woow” everytime he gets them in. The Ohio born point Guard is really lethal weapon for the warriors as he got 32 points for them last night.

Why Dennis Schroder can be an NBA Great

dennis schroder.jpg

Last night Schroder showed how important he was last night and despite the shots he may have missed if he can do that against the champions he has alot of potential.

The German moved to the Thunders this year after havung a 5 year spell at the Atlanta Hawks. Being the second top scorer for the Thunders last night with 24 points just behind. You never know the German could become greater than Dirk Werner.


Russel Westbrooks out for about 6 weeks if the Thunders can win at least a quarter against the warriors i think they will start their campaign with a win against the Clippers in their next game.



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