Quadcrusher is a suicide Vehicle


On Tuesday the 16th October Fortnite released the Quadcrusher to fortnite as its purpose is to crash into buildings.

What annoys me about the Quadcrusher?

Fortnite is a game which is all about trying to survive just Eliminating opponents is the fun part. You can Eliminate 1 person and still win a battle royale probably its even possible to win without even eliminating anybody.

The Quadcrusher is a fast vehicle and you are legible to boost your speed on the vehicle with enough momentum. When going into a building it can only take down one wall but then afterwards it cant take down the next one behind because the momentum gets stopped due to the resistance of crashing the first wall.

Yeah i know, Science played a part in that one but it would be useful just to use your pick axe what im really trying to say is that its not that useful.

IT MAKES AN AWFUL LOT OF NOISE! How are you ment to survive in this game on that bike it can make you move fast but at the sametime alert people of where your presence is.

Its just best of walking and jumping up and down to save myself to be honest.

Only way the Quad will do me justice is if im in the storm and i need to get to the Circle in time to survive.

Tell me your opinion on the Quadcrusher


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