Doctor who: Rosa Parks vital moment in history

Rosa Parks

Episode 3 of the new series where the Doctor and her companions travel to the United states in the 1950s and meets Rosa parks as she encounters someone trying to tamper with time.

Jodie Whittaker’s the new Doctor travels to Alabama 1955 with he three companions as they experience what it is is like to living in the era and try and stop what is about to be broken.

Thoughts on this episode

This episode related to a real life event which gives viewers an understanding of what people of colour went through and how it impacts us today in our daily lives as of Segregation in the US furthermore what Rosa Parks did and how it set an example for many people as she stood as a national icon not only for americans but many people in the world today.

We saw also the teamwork which the group wenthrough inorder to make sure things were in line as a former prisoner from the future comes to replace things

Who was Rosa Parks?

Rosa parks was an activist in the civil rights movement and was known for her important role in the montgomery Bus Boycott.

What she did to change history?

On Decemeber 1, 1955 in Montgomery she sat on an empty seat in the coloured section of the bus near the middle of the bus and her row was directly behind the ten seats reserved for white passengers.

The bus travelled in its normal route and all of the white-only seats began to fill up.  More white passengers came on the bus and noticed some were standing the bus driver demanded moved the white section behind parks and demanded that they go to the back to give way to white passengers and as the other passengers next to Parks moved she decided not to.

The driver ended up calling  the police which lead to her being arrested due to her refusal as he was abiding the by the law.

Why this changed history?

She started the Montgomery Bus boycott. She had to go to court to fight for the ability for blacks and whites to use the same public facilities and a year later the buses intergreted and her movement persued its purpose.

Lets dig Deeper

In this episode they didnt show exactly say how it changed history it showed that exact moment which triggered her to start a movement.

Sometimes in life we experience events which can cause us to take drastic measures an example is Issac Newton when he saw that an apple fell of  a Tree he then on went to further study the laws of gravity.

Hitler applied for Fine Arts classes in his youth and got rejected many times im sure you know what happened years later… but thats what shows the remarkable things happen in this world.

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