Why did Brandon Ingram Bother?


Mild fight involving  Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo  at staples center as Houston rockets beat La lakers 124-115.

I would say some proffesionalism was lacked as Rajon rondo of the La lakers and Chris Paul had a go at eachother.

From the Video we see Chris paul sticking his finger and spitting at  Rondos which led to some fists being raised as athletes have been running alot levels of energy are high and at times it is hard to control yourself.

The rockets pretty much controlled the game but  did Ingram really have to push James Harden or throw punches during the feud between Paul and Rondo. I feel it was just due to frustration now the Lakers have gone two games without a win.

Ingram has recieved a 4 match ban where as Rondo has 3 three for throwing the first punch and Paul has 2.


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