Fortnite Battle Royale becomes more challenging!

The new update to the Halloween theme has added in an extra touch in the game as Battle royale players encounter something new and challenging.

Who wouldve thought or new what those shadow stones power could posses or what was coming to Fortnite all this time in these purple dusty divot areas all of the map we the dead were really rising.

Yes the dead and when i mean dead i mean zombies,zombies have come to fortnite meaning not only do you have to take out players in the game but also having to go through the stress of killing zombies in the process.

The Bright Side

Fortnite have done this before and its a good way for people who have gotten into the game through the past seasons to have target practice and awareness.

The zombies bring more of a challenge, imagine being good at fortnite it can get boring after a while maybe fortnite is even challenging enough if you are good at this game who knows.


We have to get use to it because when the zombies are gone we will have relief on our shoulders comment below what you think of this update.


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