The Apprentice: Alex was shoved under a bus!

alex apprentice

Another Controversial moment in the boardroom in episode 4 as 3 candidates battle for their place to be the apprentice.

This episode contestants met up at the Royal Albert hall one of London’s most iconic venues because the worlds first body building competition was held in there,Lord Sugars task was for them was to sell one of the worlds biggest body building expos which takes place in Birmingham.

Aim of the Task

To sell a product range and a service to do with bodybuilding at the event.

Team mix ups

Kayode was told to switch sides and help Collaborative due to his well performance in his last task. Potentially i feel his a serious candidate to win the apprentice but the more episodes go on the more we will learn about ones personality and abilities.

Leaders of both Groups

Sabrina and Sarah

What was funny?

When Rick requested a vote to be leader and nobody put their hand up for him and his response went:

“Thank you guys” (group trys to explain)

“Im not offended lets just get through it”

First of all how can you can you thank your group for not voting for you and say im not offended when you requested to be leader the level of sarcasm and then to back it up with “im not offended” is hilarious.

Another part was when he said “Hello girls are you looking for something to get warm in” at the event.

Really rick?

Your Fired!

Well Sabrinas Team lost due to the amount of sales.

She ended up bringing Alex and Sian to the board room.

There were times when she made business mistakes during this process and sending Alex into the diving board into do something he wasnt capable of doing.

Sian was brought in because she was subleader and she wanted to do photography but Sabrina told her to do spray tan and Alex was told to sell spray tan these are the descions made by Sabrina.

” A good salesman should be able to sell anything”

Camilla stated this whilst in the boardroom after Alex stated his position that he was put in but the sense is a salesman would know and should know what his selling this is where the sense is.

Sabrina and Sian pointed out that Alex didnt sell anything the aim of this task was to sell and Alex didnt manage to do so he probably couldve done better in this task i dont know.

The same went for Sian she didnt sell much but Alex was even worser in this process desptie Sian being in the same position as Alex and being told to do something she wasnt capable of doing.

Sabrina didnt look at this task properly in my opinion and put both of them on the wrong ends and as a result we didnt see the potential they were able to show us in this task.


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