Doctor who: Spiders take over Sheffield

doctor who and spiders.jpg


The Doctor takes his companions back home but they encounter something odd about the spiders in the city. 

If you have Arachnophobia (A- rack- no-pho-bia) then this episode is not for you my friend if you dont want nightmares or want to go mad.

Whats Arachnophobia?

Its basically the fear of spiders thats something new youve learnt today. If you already knew well good for you.

In this episode we see a wealthy ignorant man who has a hotel built over an old coal mine.

Good idea?

Well it wasnt he ends up dumping waste inside the coal without any thought of maybe the ecosystem, guests experiencing a smell of any sort no really he just let it be there.

Its not like the waste wouldve affected the Spiders and made them grow larger as long as they live thats just nonsense makes no sense whatsoever…….


Luckily spiders are attracted to vibrations as a result allowing them to move closer to a specific area.

One of The Doctors companions helped save the day by blasting out loud music with his speakers with Stormzys where do you know me from to confine them in a tight space to get away.

Remarkable Grime really helped to save the day and where we did the speakers come from in the hotel?!?!




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