The Apprentice: Is Kayode a threat?!?!

kayode apprentice.jpg

The candidates were put with a task to design their own new shoe range for women and to plan and host their own launch it between the two groups.

Jackie was project manager for Typhoon and Sian was for Colloborative.

Sian decided to choose the high heel market as she is someone who knows well about the area but Daniel and Camilla ended up convinicing her that there is a higher market in Shoe sales.

Its good shes recieving support that trainers have a higher trend than high heels but is she jogging down a road she knows well about?

Jackie decided to go with a high heel and mix urban graffiti within it but not everybody agreed with it as Kurran as he was struggling to understand as he thought it was out of date and the to did not mix.

Sians Shoe design

sian shoe desing.jpg

Her team were to launch their shoe at a Carnival event.

Right now to me that shoe Looks like a trainer aimed at the wrong target market which looks like its for children and being at a carnvial event i dont see how the two colloborate.

Jackies Shoe Design

jackie shoe design.jpg

There was a club event which they organised themselves into selling their product.

The shoe looks great but the slogan which was made looks of the edge a bit and it dosent look attracting as much or meaningful towards the product.

Sum up

Jackies Team ended up losing and suprising of all Kayode didnt manage to sell anything and only two people managed to sell something within the group.

Can you imagine she wanted to bring Kayode and Kurran back into the board room?

The two people who managed to sell were Jackie and Jasmine on her idea and concept. Kayode has great skills and didnt do well in selling and marketing in Jackies eyes in this task and Kurran didnt agree with her descions but still went along.

The massive Twist

Lord Sugar was outstanded by the accusations within the group candidates such as Sarah and Rick managed to get away with things being the two other people who didnt sell.

He was so confused that he ended up bringing everybody back in the board room!

“I think Kayode has one gear and if the task fits that gear, hes expectional. If the take does not, he dosent adapt quick enough.”

Jackie voiced her opinion in the board room as Kayode has been seen by Claude that his selling skills are a vital part in winning this competition.

Rick wasnt able to survive to the next round as Lord Sugar wasnt convinced he was seeing him a serious candidate to win the apprentice.










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