Juventus 1-2 Man utd: Mourinho Develops earache after the game?

Mourinho Juventus.jpg

United clinched victory in stoppage time as they comeback to defeat the Old Lady in Turin.

On Statistics you could say Juventus should and couldve won the match but when United made substitions with players such as Mata and Fellani coming they began to become more offensive in play.

During the match Mourinho was recieving alot of critisim and being a manager from having a spell as Inter manager he understood very much what the Juve fans were saying.

With the win Mourinho got revenge and taunted the fans with the gesture which makes him look like there is something wrong with him as his side manage to beat the unbeaten italian champions.

Check out the link below to see Mourinho to see more was the United Manager right for doing this?


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