The Apprentice: Jet what?

jet pop idea

In this Episode Kurrans proposal to be project manager takes of as both teams compete to design and create their own airline brands to advertise.

This week i felt that both teams were terrible when it came to publicising their airline brands,just terrible.

Both teams didnt show the concept of promoting their airline and they didnt understand the concept neither did they manage to get their points across.

Lord Sugar wasnt impressed about Kurrans advert at all and he was deluded due to thinking it was a masterpiece jackie thought of the name “Jetpop” for an airline company, im sure thats not going to put blow anybody away with that name…

Your Fired

Kurrans team not winning  really brought him on the edge of of losing this competition and ended up bringing Camilla back and Khadija in the boadroom.

I understand bringing them back firstly it was Camilla who came up with that name i thought that was horrendus to be honested i dont see how you can associate pop and airline together.

Khadija has the tendancy to argue alot as she trys to get her point across alot thats one thing i would say by doing that can jepordise relationships within a group.

Kurran being shown the door in the end was completly understanding with him not showing good leadership skills or navigating the concept of making the group and also parts where he didnt listen to people in his group really pushed their chances away in the process.


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