Manchester Derby: What went wrong for Utd?

Jose mourinho

Mourinhos United suffered a 3-1 defeat to the hands of City in the Derby to push them 12 points behind their rivals.

Just 10 years ago United were Premier League and European Champions and Man city were a team struggling to even get 6th place in the league.

Now this year to this day Man city are League champions sitting comfy at the top of the table with Man utd outside the top 6 with a negative goal diffrence in the middle of Novemeber… crazy right?!

Uniteds behaviour was just typical everybody knew they would go behind first then try and make their way back alot of players lacked desire, Lingard i hardly saw anything Rashford was frustrated, Martial was isolated Herrera failed to get in good balls to create chances.

We definetly saw how Paul Pogba plays a vital role in this United side in providing and creating chances and also if you actually watch the games instead of highlights he gives an extra boost of confidence to his game and belief that he can help his side win.

In the fixture last season he could do that can you imagine thinking you could come back from losing and win against the probably to date the best premier league to team in history as they got over 100 points well Paul pogba did. The frenchman brings that type of mentality to the pitch which is probably why they managed to go away to Juventus and Bournemouth and retrieve points.

The game yesterdaya against city was probably the most important of the season it couldve gave United hope as to whether they were capable of still winning the league. The 3-2 victory is in the past we are now in the present and chances of getting top 4 are looking really slim.

Team problems

In the match trying to create chances for players such as Rashford, Lingard and Martial hardly managed to any balls passed into them whilst attacking players such as Fellani, Herrera, Matic simply struggled to provide that.

Fred was simply not capable of playing such big games let alone small games as the Brazillian cannot keep up with the football in this country with its intensity. Its as if every time he has the ball he panicks and majority of the time i see him lose the ball.

Andreas Periera dosent seem to have enough expeirence and the game time he is recieving is very minimal even playing players such as Mctominay or Taith Chong is risky due to the fact that the first team arent playing well.

Dont even get me started on the defence i feel Lindelof is gradually getting better but some money Needs to be spent in January which Mourinho has been planning to do but has not had the oppurtunity.

Main issue

United dont have a style of play whatsoever! The attacking football is gone why do we see it at the end of the game or when their losing i dont understand if you are a United fan you must be annoyed surely.

International break has arrived and its a chance for United to heal their wounds and move on as they face Crystal palace at home in the players return will we see a diffrent United when they come back who knows?

Tell me what your thoughts are on Uniteds situation right now i would love to hear your opinion.



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