Doctor who: Demons of Punjab

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In this episode we see the Doctor and her companions travel to 1947,India where Yaz visits her grandmother as her country was going through a Voyage of change and they weren’t the only visitors in Punjab.

Is this Doctor who becoming more of a sunday history lesson?

We have had Rosa parks in this series and we learnt more about how things were back then and now the partitioning of India i sometimes wonder whether if this show is a still sci-fi.

Yaz visits her grandmother where she was getting married and the partitioning of India im sure that was a great time to visit her grandmother… or was it?

Whats the Partition of India?

If you did not know, India and Pakistan were once one country together this all changed as the British decided to separate the land into two giving the Muslims Pakistan and the Hindus India. Thats something you can speak about on the dinner table.

Yaz came to India looking for questions and saw more from what she had reliased as her grandmother was getting married to a man who she had never heard before.

Had Yaz been told a lie?

Not everybody was happy with the partitioning also not with the marriage, her grandmother was a Muslim and was soon about to marry a Hindu and War Veteran Prem.

Prem fought in Singapore and he witnessed his older brothers last moments but saw something out of the ordinary as he witnessed two monk faced looking creatures besides his body and disappeared seconds later.

He came face to face with the creatures once again as the doctor encounters them in the forest around a Holy Hindu man who looks to have been killed next to a tree are the Doctor recognises them as assasins called the Vajarians they dissapear as Prem uses his rifle to scare them away she is concerned why Prem wasnt scared and then he explains to her why.

Who are the Vajarians


They were aliens who were once assassins but changed their ways when they cameback to see their home planet was destroyed now they travel through time and space to honour the dead whilst nobody is watching.

The doctor misunderstands the reasons for their presence but who are they here for exactly is  what we don’t know also who killed the Holy Hindu man.

The Doctor has strict rules about time as of trying to fix or mend it also you could say a guardian of time as everything has to go the way it should be.

Sadly her grandmother Umbreen wasnt going to get married as the man she was going to marry was the person the Vajarians had been waiting for.

Why him?

Not everybody had been up for the partitioning or had similar views and not everybody in Prems family such as his younger brother he gathered other Hindu men on horses as he despised the thought of his brother marrying a Muslim as Prems heart belonged to Umbreen and would die for her.

Its devastating to see that his brother would betray him like that and get him killed due to his thoughts and what he believed in which was so disappointing as he devoted his life to her which sounded like a Love story with an unhappy ending.


I didn’t live or experience what things were going on India or be in the footsteps of the others for Prems death to occur probably i would’ve thought that i didn’t think Prem was right for marrying a Muslim.

I also could’ve said that his brother was absoulety wrong and stupid for what he did and was totally unethical and that he should do what makes him happy and should be happy for his brother.

Many things happen for different reasons and sometimes we just wont understand and can only try and have empathy without this we fail to acknowledge the situation humans go through and why different decisions are made in life.


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