The Apprentice: Was Lord Sugar right?

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In episode 7 we see the teams split up and set up their own urban gardening Business.

Whilst Tom was chosen to be PM Typhoon, it was Daniels time to step up for him to be PM for the first time ahead of Collaborative I was excited to see how this went!

Tom and Sabrina went to East London to negotiate a deal to do someone’s roof top garden as he states his in the Industry of arboriculture as he has is a tree firm surgeon he may be capable of winning this task with his knowledge.

Kaos in Collaborative?

Khadija felt that Jackie was being salty because she wanted to be sub team leader and Daniel chose her.

Shouldn’t be that deep right?

The more episodes I see, the more I witness Khadija wants to show her character and what she is made of to be a successful Candidate and is always ready for a response if someone wants to talk down her. At the end of the day she is Sub team leader they do have to follow what she says because you know it’s her responsibility what happens.

If you tell a group of men to go to war and you are the leader it’s your responsibility as a leader on how things are done because of the descions you made so if things don’t turn out so Jackie… you know who is responsible.

Jasmine was concerned about Kayode’s negotiating as the deal he was making wasn’t going to get them as much profit as they had bargained for which may help the team in winning the task. We must not forget this Task the goal is to make the most money.

Boatbar pitches

Sian, Kayode and Jasmine managed to secure their deal with £400 but Khadija, Jackie and Camilla tried to range it through figures such as £700 or £900.

Khadijas team ended up losing their pitch as the woman says my concern was the price and that it was too forceful.  Here is Jackie’s words on the outcome…

“So, we’ve lost the pitch because we had a forceful delivery”

“Which Khadija did”

“And our pricing was overpriced”

“Which Khadija screwed up on”

“So actually, you know it’s really its pretty clear about who messed this up.”

Hmm I wonder who she was going to blame in the board room if they didn’t win this task.

Anywho Daniel ended up bringing Camilla to the corporate side which meant that Jackie and Khadija were to work alongside each other.

I 100% understand his descions because it’s not as if your putting a dog and a Cat in the same room you’re putting two grown women together they should see their differences and be able to corporate they are not kids.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Tom Sian and Kayode went to the Boatbar and since they secured the deal it was all good but Tom came to the Boatbar without the Van which has all the equipment.

Like really Tom?


You could say it’s like a plumber and going to a house without having the equipment you’re just wasting your time.

That probably wasn’t a good comparison but you get what I mean.


Eventually Toms gardening strengths didn’t help Typhoon grow enough profits which led them to losing task.

Kayode’s descions brought a loss towards the team as they weren’t sure to come up with a deal themselves.

He eventually brought back Kayode as he didn’t bring enough deals due to the sales whilst a loss was made also Sabrina because Jasmine was able to make sales to help the group.

I literally thought Tom was going to be shown the door despite him taking responsibility of the loss which he did but the straw fell short with Kayode as he wasn’t able to get the pricing right in order to sell at a profitable margin.

Let us be Honest now we didn’t see Kayode get shown the door this early due to the skills he has.

Before we criticize Lord Sugar’s descions we must remember it’s all about making profits and selling money which he wasn’t able to deliver which is why the descions was made.

Kayode has been a strong candidate and I don’t think that’s the last we have seen of him as his character has blossomed through the show but weeds were shown in his business descions he made in this gardening task.

We have seen his strengths so much but as a candidate he has fallen in this episode sadly. It’s been exciting seeing him on the show and how Claude first saw his abilities and Lord Sugar with regret says his goodbyes.


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