Doctor Who: The doctor gets a Job!


The Doctor recieves a strange parcel from a Robot which had a Fez inside and a note printed “Help me”.

This was a strange episode which we witnessed as the Doctor and his companions go to work in a factory which was on the Moon of another planet.

What a way to try investigate someone who may be reaching for help!

Eventually it was weird because it was the robots who needed it.

Due to a Young mans rage at the way working conditions which are limited to humans he planted chemical bombs in the bubble wrap of each box so when it got given to a customer and they decide to play with it would cause utter mayhem.

I was utterly suprised at the outcome of the Villan really i thought it would be something such as the Cybermen behind it but we see its another human.

In Demons of Punjab we saw this and Spiders in Sheffield this showed us that not all aliens are bad and gave us a diffrent mystery which may be presnt. Alot of episodes circulating with real life experiences these days than ones which may circulate to something mythical or original.


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