England 2-1 Croatia: Is it coming Home?

england 2-1  croatia.jpg

England come back to beat Croatia to win the group.

An exciting second half as a deflected shot was put past Pickford to put the eastern european side ahead at half time.

My God there were an awful amount of chances which shouldve been put away.

Im not one to criticise him as much but im beginning to question Sterling when he is up against big teams in important games, the last time i saw him put one away was against Arsenal despite the fact Cech hardly made an effort to dive and it being Emerys first game the shot shouldve been saved.

A Spurs saga was on the brink which i was fearing aswell since they havent won anything in 10 years and the amount of Spurs players in the team i felt they were not going to come back and win the game. It was literally a final for them to get to the next level but the boy from Walthamstow Stepped up to get the goal in the end.

What can we say Southgate has really manifested a great mentality into this team and also managed to add Resilience towards that but lessons are to be learnt from that victory.

Pjanic said after the loss at home to Man utd “Time playing good and not winning is time wasted”

I understand where his coming from because the way the match was yesterday i felt it was going to occur with England if they wernt going to put their chances away.


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