The Apprentice: Target missed?

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Another episode which baffles me as the Contestants travel to Glasgow to get artists work and sell them at an art gallery.

This episode i thought it lacked some fire or drama and it was just quiet and the more i went into the show i just thought who ever is moving weakest from the losing team is getting fired.

Maybe it was just the editing who knows?

Typhoons bad form persuaded Jasmine to step up and decide to be leader in hope they dont lose again as she dosent want to see anybody make mistakes.

Personally i felt she is one of the Contenders of the show and that this was the chance for her to win this competition but sometimes no matter how certain you are on things the outcome isnt what you think it is.


The way Daniel went into a look for the event really showed a character that despite he dosent know anything he is blending in and not just for business but a passion.

Your Fired

Jasmine didnt allow Tom to speak as much because of what was going on during the process which was probably one down side and that she didnt give Sabrina some trust to sell something despite negotiating with a client.

Lord Sugar felt that Jasmine is a corporate person i feel another chance shouldve been given to her as in this comeptetition she has not behaved as the weakest performer among the group.

Sabrina at gets accused of not knowing what shes doing as people get concerned as of the way she works and getting told what to do. When working with Sian she said that it was difficult working with her also Jasmine said that when working she is not a team player.

I wasnt sure if Lord Sugar was going to like this .

The only thing Sabrina had done was a negotiation which she was doing but Jasmines trust as a leader wasnt convinced she would do so.

Tom having sibilings you wouldve thought he brought more to the group he made no sales this week and made it through last week being on a high position as PM last week and worked with the PM and lost this week in an area he may be strong but why isnt he doing it with Lord Sugar.

Sabrina cant work with other people and Claude and Karen have seen that but being still in the competition because if people say you cant work with people i dont understand what is making her still survive this fight to become the next apprentice.

These two i would say are very lucky to still be in this competition on my opinion due to their performances on my behalf, Jasmine had good direction despite not giving and Sabrina a chance to sell and her not letting Tom speak at first, i feel Lord Sugar really missed the potential she was bringing the table.






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