Man utd 0-0 Crystal Palace: Nothings changed!

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Crystal Palace hold Man utd at old Trafford in a goaless result.

You would think that after losing to your rivals and increasing the gap at the top and having a break and coming back from the international duty  the players would become better and try much harder or play better?

Sadly it wasnt to be today.

Dont get me wrong United did have chances today where you could say they couldve snatched the win and having Possesion aswell but it didnt look like a proffesional performance.

Lingard and Mata just seemed to float about like they always do trying to create something but it just didnt seem to work at all.

To be honest its not as effective all the time its just obvious style of play when you come to mention it. There wasnt any “i didnt see that coming moments” it was just too average lacked excitement regardless of the scoreline this isnt the Man utd fans know.

Martial has been a key player in recent games but today he was just off and struggled alot having missed international break and getting rest it certainly wasnt a game to comeback to.

I even feel for Hodgson aswell at times Crystal palace missed some great chances espicially Townsend today missing his chance infront of goal as a manager you sit there and just think what more could i have done.

United are at home 4 out of 5 games thats 3 points gone already is it too early or to late to say that the title could be aswell?


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