Doctor who: The Witchfinders

The witch finder doctor who.jpg

The Doctor and her companions travel to the 17th century Lancashire to arrive to a village thats executing people accused of witchcraft.

A Meaningful exciting episode with thrill, adventure and mystery with aliens involved in this episode.

In the past executions were normal and for when crimes were committed but ones against being judged as a witch aswell so there was some relation there and comparison.

In this episode we see a Grandmother getting held on trial on a tree trunk being excuted for accusations of being a witch was an unsual episode to see as the doctor interfered with time  as she tried to save her from drowning into the water. We see once her grandaughter buries her body she sees something unsual coming from the ground which looks like a mud like type of creature comes to life.

The Doctor being her investigates.

In those times Women didnt have many rights as men and the Doctor taking charge was something unordinary to people around her and even King james but with luck and her Psychic paper she is able to manipulate her way through things not just by her Sonic screwdriver.

The doctor also says ” If i was a bloke i wouldnt have to waste time defending myself”. This endured some sexism which the doctor suffers during the show.

It was another part of the show which i felt maybe this is another episode of trying to promote world problems but makes sense dating back into a long time ago this is what happened.

The creatures in this episode the Morax did seem frightening and had some sort of importance towards them in this episode which was great unlike ones such as the Puting.

That sort of desire came back and mystery was there which seemed to lack in the recent episodes but came back but how long will it stay?




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