Burnley 1-2 Newcastle: Deserved Result?


Newcastle utd ease past Burnley at Turfmoor to gain victory.

The away team who are currently sitting in 13th in the league lift themselves four points ahead of the relegation zone.

Was it Deserved?

If you watched the game it looked like both teams trained well in that preparation for the match and something good was about to happen.

Was Unsual to see Matt Ritchie at LWB but he has peformed well of his duties and at times his positioning seemed be a bit of at times.

He really shouldve made it 3-1 in the game lets be honest i dont know how he missed that and on his strongest foot the oppurtunity was wasted.

Sam Vokes had the header with too much power at the end and couldve made it 2-2 and probably maybe Ritchie wouldve held some stick.

The same goes for what happened with Iwobi and losing the ball against Bournemouth in those couldve moments.

I thought it was going to be a draw due to both being on level but i would say the magpies knew that the 3 points was to be taken of them due to their mistakes and the chance at the end and had Vokes finished his chance at the end.


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