The Apprentice: We saw it coming didnt but did we see it all ?

the apprentice

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Another one bites the dust in this episode or should i say two.

I will get to the point after 5 mins i saw Tom leaving after he said he wanted to be projected manager when he has never bought something or watched TV shopping.

Seriously? I just knew they were going to lose honestly i thought he should left a long time ago seriously im suprised he surpassed Kayode, Kuran and Jasmine i just dont understand at all whatsoever.

One thing i would like to point out is when Sian bought those ear rings that was a great risk which was well done by her that also won them the task I would say. She seems quiet at times but the descions she makes have been pivitol when she has been working within her group and this mentality i feel she is close to being a candidate for this years apprentice.

Ive seen at times she feels Sabrina can be a Nussiance and holds a grudge on her that she shouldnt be here for example when Sabrina wanted to speak whilst Daniel and Sarah were presenting to the audiance Sian seem to take her advice instead took control.

Did Toms exit lead to Jackies?

Normally you see 1 person leave each week well this time it was a change of plans within this Scenario we saw two people.

What if somebody else was project manager who knows maybe they wouldnt have got fired and the other group failed the task but we will never know.


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