Doctor who: Season Finale was a shambles and this whole series

doctor who season finale.jpg

The end to a Season which has probably been the poorest ive ever seen and episodes which lack the real culture and meaning of Doctor Who.

Dissapointing to hear that the next season is in two years but should i be really?

Many of these episodes have not been as exciting probably the Morax episode was the closest the finale with Tooth alien the way he was defeated it just seemed forced and they didnt have enough time to think of something big.

The BBC has enforced alot of things in this series such as Gender, racial, politics and real life experience issues and forced them on the show and made humans more of the villans.

Sadly Ive loved this show since Christopher Eccleson was the Doctor, sorry if I havent said his name well but i dont know how long my passion will last for this show.


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