Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United: Not surprised

jose mourinho 2.jpg

Another day another defeat in Mourinhos 3rd season as Manchester united manager

United have not won a game against any top 6 side so far this season and you’d think that all these bad results change would come especially losing to Valencia in midweek.

Lets be Honest now it was another Vintage performance by Mourinhos men i thought it was going to be another year of a goalless draw the home side just had the ball continuously being  a United fan it must be tough to see opponents just go at you all the time  when you as a team struggle to even create something.

The Swiss international scored some lucky goals and so did Lingard but we cant ignore the fact that those goals came from Liverpool pressing United’s defence on a numerous amount of occasions it was looked so disappointing.

Liverpool haven’t won the League in over 20 years and this was the match would ensure they didn’t get back to the top after Manchester city slipped up at Stamford bridge.

What happens now ?

Mourinho is still manager and united are 0 points on goal difference and all he says in his press conference that the players tried their best clearly its not good enough to win the game.

2 years ago Mourinho was sacked on this very day due to Chelsea’s position could time repeat itself?


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