Imperial Giveaway Challenge Coming soon: Winner gets $/£20 console gift card of choice

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New Challenge for subscribers Starting on the 1st of January!

Zanos wants to see how good his subscribers are at fortnite in Squad matches and if he can be carried to Victory no matter what circumstances which lie ahead.

Aim of the Challenge

Subscribers must play a Squad match with Zanos and get at least 5 wins not get as many kills as possible he just wants 5 wins in squad matches within his streams.

Easy right ?

Not really to make things fair Zanos will not be in the same region of the Squad as of where they are land meaning he will have to be by myself fighting to get the dub so if the team lands in Pleasant Zanos would be somewhere say Paradise whilst the rest of the squad fights together in there quest to Victory Royale.

How the winner works

No matter how many kills or if someone dies in the team if the team manages to get a dub everybody within the Team gets a point on a Leaderboard which i will be placing in my in Discord from time to time so people know where everybody is.

What if the winner gets Tied?

Subscribers who have managed to get 5 wins with Zanos face of in the Playground at the one and only Tilted Towers the player with the most kills not when the Storm Comes wins the giveaway!

Playground Rules:

1.NO gliders meaning fall damage will be on

2. You can Respawn with Loot

Rules and Regulations!

  1. YOU HAVE TO BE SUBSCRIBED TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! Really easy you just tap the button
  2. Donating at least a pound or dollar helps Zanos do more giveaways in the future im not asking for too much
  3. Begging for V bucks or a skin does not increase your chances of winning it irritates Zanos very much and he sticks by the rules
  4. Joining the Discord helps you know what the leaderboard is.
  5. Asking your friends to play with you so you can get this dub is ok but they must be Subscribed.
  6. Visiting the streams and staying for a bit will allow me to know you are subscribed and commenting and showing your a contender helps me clarify you are worthy
  7. No negativity in Zanos streams he despises negativity.
  8. The Youtube Channel and Discord will be below and if you dont have a discord dowload the app
  9.  Each person will be given two chances within the game then Zanos will switch it up to make it fair but you can play as many games as possible with Zanos to win.
  10. If somebody reaches 5 squad wins Zanos  shall give many oppurtunities for other people to catch up within the day to get 5 squad wins
  11. The winner also gets a shoutout too!

Think you have what it takes to Win the Imperial Challenge?



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