Should Kepa face Disciplinary action?


Moneychester city… Sorry i mean Manchester city retain the League cup as they beat Chelsea on Penalties but could things have beem Diffrent ?

Intense Goaless game at Wembley where both teams fought 120 mins to put the ball at the back of the net but both teams were denied on Numerous occasions.

It was coming towards the end of the game and you know in extra time fatigue plays a massive part as limits are pushed towards the end for a win and that exactly hit Chelsea keeper Arrizabalaga.

An unsual reaction as he was told to come of an ended up refusing!

Can you imagine your manager telling you to do something and you dont do it?

Come on at your Big age Kepa you play for a proffesional club with that type of wage.

Kepa made a statement on Instagram about the situation and yes i do understand the statement you have to take it into account of his side of the story and the change was due to the fact that twice Kepa suffered to cramps within the game.

In life there are 3 sides to a story one side of a story which is the manager and everybody else also Kepas and also the truth, Kepa came out and stated that it was a misunderstanding but mistake or not your manager is telling you to get of the pitch and your still waving your finger no as if you own the football team or your the captain.

Authority seemed to have lacked within their in Chelseas performances lately in the losses which they have received have seemed spinless and not ones of good work rate.

Chelsea now sitting in 6th chances of playing champions league football looks slim unless they bring up good performances in the league or win the Europa league.

Will Sarri survive till the end of the season?




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