Season 8 is upon the Horizon by whats coming?

season 8 fortnittttt

An eventful Season this was with Polar peak arriving and the Ice King pouring Snow literally over the map in the middle of January just like it appeared randomnly on Christmas day… but its been good even the Marshmellow event i sadly missed which was on a saturday im guessing?

The new update is in Less than 24 Hours I cannot wait hopefully its not been a dissapointment wailing woods is already burning up, well i can say it looks like it is also the mysterious cracks showing within the ground.

First treat fortnites giving us is the free battle pass despite you have to do the challenges and stuff but we all know Apex Legends has hit the gaming platform with over 2 million player playing in the first week Fortnite had to retaliate.

New season on the way question is will fornite manage to stay as the most flawless game in the world?

We will find out tommrow

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