3 reasons why Wan Bissaka May be playing for Man utd?

The Crystal Palace fullback is close joining the red side of manchester next season and this is why

Aaron wan Bissaka has been an Eagle from the academy and worked and trained his way up to the Senior Squad showing his qualities being player of the year in 17-18 and also player of the year in 18-19 which was last season for the Club and also being called up by Englands U21s.

Reasons why?

Wan bissaka is someone who looks to drive forward within the right times and right spaces and has been well disciplined within his role at the back as they finished 12th in the league last season.

When the new United Boss(Ole Gunnar Solskjaer) came he wanted a hungry fit side that was determined to go and chase after wins and have the right mindset. Ashley Young is getting towards the end of his career as his performances are moving downwards game by game as we saw last season for example his horrifics in Barcelona and inabilty to cross a ball. Dalot dosent seem ready to suit the full back role yet as he has been more of a threat on the ball than off the ball it may seem in near by future that the United forward.

£70 Million should do it for the fullback in reality what he may bring for all the years says alot despite defenders dont give you goals to win the game they do create especially full backs and they do help prevent goals. Nobody knows whether Aaron is going to deliver but his development at man utd to become great and preferabbly a legend is upon the horizon.


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