Wan Bissaka to Manchester United

One Bissaka two Bisakka three Bisakka four no Ashley Young at Right back anymore!

its been the England Internationals desire to sign for the team his boyhood dream club Manchester united as they complete their 2nd sigining of the as for a £50Million from Crystal Palace.

A boyhood dream to play for your most favourable club is given to Wan Bissaka the chance to prove his greatness to ghe world at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Oles form was flying at the begin of his management at United but the tables started to turnover as the weaknesses started come of the cracks.

No Champions league next season but its a great way for the Norweigan boss to gain a chance of getting back into the champions league.

Last season we saw alot of players underperforming to the standards which are equired by the club and most fans were not pleased with these performances next season is a clean test to see whos fit enough to wear the shirt.

For once United has a manager who can knows and understands the foundations of how to run the club we saw that last season but now its downt to the players to deliver next season.


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